Billfish Conservation Act of 2011

September 19th, 2011

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Take a moment to contact your congress-member regarding the Billfish Conservation Act of 2011. This important, bi-partisan legislation bans importation of billfish harvested in the Pacific. Lend your support to this legislation and help protect the Pacific billfish population.

Golfito CR Fishing Report 9/12/2011

September 18th, 2011

Low season at Fishhook Marina, fortunately somebody forgot to tell the Thumper Team. They also forgot to tell the….

Our 3 day,3 night extreme offshore trip turned into 2 days as we were running out of ice AND HAD NO MORE FREEZER OR COOLER SPACE!!!!
Ripped up the Yellowfin to 60 kilo’s day 1 while heading for the deep. Got greedy day 2 on a triple Marlin hookup.Tried to catch them all and got squat. Lost a hooked up Penn 30W rig overboard in that battle(don’t ask)….
Other collateral damage during the trip included the auto pilot brain taking a dump, broke a Shimano 80, a head pump failure, and our squid daisy chain teaser with it’s big blue and white Ilander Express(some rigs translate in any ocean) getting ripped off by a passing Marlin as we were clearing to fight another. 8 Blues and 1 sail released day 2……..

Inshore had our way with the roosters…

Fought¬†8 caught 5. Gabe and Jeremy out of Eugene each had triple Blue Marlin releases day 2. Strong work for Ducks…..This marks the end of the 2011 season for Thumper……

Released 72 sails, 2 stripes, 39 blues and 11 blacks over 23 offshore days. Next up the WBS(World Billfish Series) Guatemala, the traditional start of the Pacific Central American winter billfish season. Team mates are Capt Tim Hake of O.C.MD. and 20LBS. World Champ Texan JW Bones.
Top Marlin angler 2011, Chris Davis with 12 releases.

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  • On September 19th Maya said:

    Sweet trip! I don’t see why 3 to the boat is such a problem though…they’re just fish…anyway…
    Can we book out some space the last week of March/first week of April? I think I hear rumor of a flock of ducks and some San Diego strays headed that direction…

  • On September 23rd Harry said:

    Surprise catch for Everyone.:Locals included. No one seems to fish this time of
    year. This Old fishermans ‘ Tale disproved by Ducks and crew.
    Thanks again, Beto and Ronny and special guest mate, Condor.
    Condor(Carlos) comes in from Pinas Bay(Tropic Star way) and Panama City. Carlos crewed with us to Isla Mujueres.
    more than 3 OK Maya, just have to be really fast getting to the rod…It’s brutal!

  • On September 28th Michael Hurrell said:

    Wow nice roosters!

  • On September 30th Jeremy Scriber said:

    I have witnessed the beautiful fishing in September! A big thanks to Harry and the Crew Ronny, Beto and Condor for putting us on the fish! It was amazing to watch and participate in! I AM NOW A ADDICT…..Do they have meetings for this type of thing?

  • On September 30th harry said:

    We call it affliction,not addiction….only cure…Come to camp Inta with Briez and consume vast quantities of adult xxxxxxx naked in the pool and on the beach….Then when your heads right we’ll roll offshore and DO IT AGAIN…..

  • On October 3rd Dave said:

    Holy fish! Nice work you guys. Looks like you are gettin’ done in fine style! Kerry and I are eying up Golfito for 2012! Denver – San Jose direct! Do not pass go, do not collect $200! Much love, David

  • On October 18th Chris Davis said:


    How can you declare the 2011 season over in September? What about your November trip and your December trip? What season will they be part of?
    Also, I think you are going to need to add a Thumper statistician. Everybody knows how good you are with math…especially when we get into double digit releases and multiple trips!

    Great season…whenever it started and ended.

    Let’s do it again.


Casa Celeste

September 6th, 2011

Here’s the house in Playa Zancudo:

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  • On September 6th Tim said:

    very nice not sure i want to stay on boat now on hannibal lol just kidding i didnt see any marlin cutting bait in the pool

  • On September 7th tami nolt said:

    Beautiful casa! Have fun, miss you and hope to be there soon! Good luck with the fishes… Love, Tami & Don

  • On September 12th Harry said:

    rippin up the fish….wacked the 60 inch class yellowfins Friday…8 marlin releases sat….2 roosters today….full fishing report and photo’s on return home Sunday….

  • On September 15th Harry said:

    just heard from LAST STALL.Went 5 for 10 on Blue Marlin off Montuosa at Banko Hannibal,Panama on Tuesday.Looks like they are stretched out up and down the beach.

belly up

September 2nd, 2011

Work on your fishing dates…I have guys(and girls) waiting for fill ins….Let me know ASAP.Specify Hannibal Bank Panama(6 day min.) or local Costa Rica offshore preference.We have billfish Fly rigs this year on Thumper compliments of IGFA World Champion Capt Abraham Conception of Golfito CR who on request will join the hunt .Beto and I are finishing out a new inshore(snook, rooster) boat.We’ve secured a private compound on the surfing beach at Zancudo .5 ¬†private beachfront 1 bedrooms with first class Banta style baths,airconditioning,frig.decks and keys(shared barbacue pit, pool,hammocks, and backyard palmfringed beach).See Photo’s….Swordfish.Hang awhile.Playa Zancudo CR is tropical mojo.Google SOL y MAR Zancudo CR(facebook) for local vibe.Pavones/Panama is 20 minutes down the beach.Hi speed sat. and wireless for the facebook afflicted.Public and private watertaxi service(20 minutes) from Golfito.Anyone whose gettin younger and thinks they don’t deserve it raise your hand

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  • On September 3rd Tim said:


  • On September 6th Harry said:

    Dec.full/Jan2nd week booked….get your shit together and EM ASAP for open dates….leaving Friday for Swordfish expedition….weather sweet…beach awesome


August 12th, 2011

88.5 lbs. white/nice fish…..699.5 Lbs. Blue One…..Participants comments coming…

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  • On August 13th Tim said:

    just finished up fishing the WMO on the Fujitive with Captin Wayne Lauman and Mate ryan greenway and josh twilley had a great trip 1 st day a little slow fished the 1000 line poormans water was deep blue got 1 white and 1 28 lb dolphin which was almost dinner then decided to go weigh it as it turned out it was worth 8930 bucks 2nd day 1000 line wilmington only four boats was awsome bite pulled hooks on 6 whites released 4 not to shabby couldnt figure out why so many pulled hooks 3rd day 75 boats 1000 line bite slowed catch 1 for one overall great tourny with great friends and the weather was absolutely beautiful

  • On August 14th Jim said:

    Harry – John, Bob, me and Charley also just fished the WMO on Bi-Op-Sea (59′ Spencer out of Pirate’s Cove, NC) with the owner, Dr. Dell Dembosky, Capt. Jesse Granitzki, and mate Chris Stine. Practice day on the way up, got a blue and a white at the Norfolk in about 2 hours (see videos at and It was very fishy but we had to leave to get into OC :-(

    Fished Mon between Poormans and Baltimore and got 2 whites. Tuesday at Norfolk and then got impatient and left for the Washington, but no fish for us either place (we were fishing next to the Tighten-Up at Norfolk which caught the first weighed white (86.5) late in the afternoon and ended up second overall. Lesson: don’t leave to chase a morning bite, it will almost certainly shift to wherever you left!

    Interestingly, at second place, Tighten Up won ~$700k but the first place boat failed to enter all the calcuttas and only got around $200k. Lesson here: If you enter the WMO, act like you mean it!

    Friday, outside of Wilmington with about 50 other boats, 3/6 on whites (like Tim said, the ability of those fish to pull hooks was a bit mystifying). Videos at and

    So no money (actually, we paid a lot of money!), but a good time. We’re ready to come back down for some big “Thumpin” fish with you Harry!

  • On August 15th Charley said:

    Fished with Jim, Bob, John, and Dell on the Bi-Op-Sea as mentioned above. No significant water mass boundaries so the fish and boats were spread out from the Norfolk to the Spencer. Some pods of whites were found and some nice flag stringers came in on those boats but overall the lack of a Gulfstream eddy and not much in the way of surface features and life resulted in what seemed like slow fishing to me. We ended up with 5 whites released out of 10 bites during the week. I feel like we should have started out where we left off in the south Norfolk on Saturday before the tournament but I was not running the boat this year. Sushi 57 footer next year.

    Much thanks to Bob, Jim, John, and Dell for the opportunity to fish the WMO again this year. Thanks also to Rich for the OC lodging at his house and to Keith and Kirsten for hosting us. It’s always exciting to fish the WMO and the socializing opportunities are top-notch.

  • On August 16th John Green said:

    Had a great tournament, fished with good friends and that always makes a difference!!! one of only 18 boats to cash…that makes 2 years in a row. Pulled the hook on too many whites,but memorably finished 2nd day of fishing with a triple, right at lines out!!Top boat caught 16 bills in 3 days of fishing..Billfisher on Saturday after tourney goes 20 for 30 on whites, hope things keep getting better like last year.

2011 ocean city MD. tuna tournament

July 29th, 2011

Congrats to the crew of Crush em’.The privateer CRUSHED the money boats in the World’s richest tuna tournament with a record 259lb. Bigeye.Our 2003 record 220lb. Bigeye that took that tournament had held up over the years through 1000’s of tournament boat days.When meticulous preparation meets luck mojo can happen.GO STRONG OR GO HOME.Coming up the WMO.

Swordfish Expedition

July 9th, 2011

Looking for a couple of hardcore offshore anglers interested in doing a 4 day/3 night exploratory trip….I’ve met a retired So.Cal. professional sword capt. who is living in Playa Zancudo,CR….I believe he has the keys to the kingdom….He’ll join the crew along with Beto and Ronny working the pit…Also John Carey (Carey Diesel Del.) has had success in El Sal and has shared some secrets. We have all the gear….We have 3 Seamount locations to target…..2 in CR,…1 in Panama.. We’ll fish Blacks, Blues, Sails and giant yellowfins moving from spot to spot…………….first or second week Sept…..

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  • On July 19th Harry said:

    The Oregon team has filled the trip….Thanks for inquires…

  • On August 9th Maya said:

    Did anyone ask their wives?!

  • On August 12th Harry said:

    would you like some cheese with that whine?Inta and I welcome any mates.We have the beach house for coolin’ and Thumper for offshore adventure.Don’t fight,enjoy the life.The treasure of tropical Costa Rica awaits.Be somebody….

  • On August 14th Briez said:

    Oh this one is going in my pocket. Bwaaaa haahaaahaa!


June 27th, 2011

Dawn broke gray and ominous with a steady rain and the heavy clouds seemingly touching the sea. We set out our hard Marlin lure spread and go to work @ 8 knots into a moderate,building swell. It’s june 23rd(Marlin legend Capt Tom Lynskey(Golfito/Miami) always told me June was the secret Marlin bite) and we are in day 3 exploring unnamed seamounts far offshore the Pacific CR/Panama border.Structure exists offshore here for 300 miles to Cocos Island CR as a result of the Cocos Plate sliding north and subducting. Today, we’re working about 80 miles SW of Hannibal Bank… It’s a grey area whose territorial waters we’re actually in but hey, we’re gringo tourists, no habla..Carrying a Golfito CR Zarpe..Haven’t seen another boat for 2 days..My team consists of Capt. Ronny Calvo, a no fear waterman and friend from Playa Zancudo. Beto Vargas of Pavones, a powerful experienced wireman, fisherman, pro surfer and Thumper’s full time mate. Plus seasoned offshore big fish angler Chris Davis and… it ain’t my first rodeo…..Thumper’s buff and solid into an increasingly confused sea.Bring it…
At 6:25 we have a hook up, good fish, blue one, drag screaming, he spit’s the 12/0 Mustad Super Marlin on an awesome full body jump. 6:28 another hookup, same result… but now they have our attention….. The rain is unrelenting(2 months into the tropical rainy season)and at times greyhounding Marlin would disappear into the haze. Wind dervishes (waterspouts, like around Folly Light, Miami) are spinning and dancing around adding to the vibe… By 9:30 we are 9 for 15 with a stretch of 8 straight releases including 3 consecutive doubles. We’re working now with no teasers and no shotgun,just long and short riggers. All 200/300lb class Blue ones at this point.I perceive we have stumbled on a breeding site where the males are staging waiting for the girls to show.Now I wish we could have stayed a few more days.Next year..YOU IN?… We are testing the Fish Gods by WEARING our stand up gear(bad luck…NOT…). Total for the trip, 22 releases, 18 blues, 4 blacks. SWEET!

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  • On June 27th Tim said:

    Sounds the trip of a lifetime biting like that sounds like a little bait and switch wtg i see you still remembered somethings i taught you LOL


  • On June 28th Chris Davis said:

    Harry’s story is right on but stops at 9:30 am. The fishing didn’t stop until dark and by that time we had 37 strikes and 17 releases!The Marlin just kept coming all day long. Never more than an hour without a shot and several times with 2 or 3 Marlin in the baits.We ended the day with 3 Marlin(2 Blacks), on rigged bonito w/14/0 circles. The last fish attacked after we had stopped the boat and were reeling in.

    Thanks to Harry, Ronnie and Beto for the best Blue/Black marlin day any of us have ever heard of. Maybe the best Marlin day in the world on June 23, 2011!



  • On June 28th John Green said:

    the best blue marlin bite in a single day…scratch that off your guys “bucket list”. Congrats to Ronnie and Beto for putting you and Chris on the bite, wish I was there!


  • On June 28th Toddy said:

    WOW!!! You guys are my heroes. I’m with J Green wish I was there too! Just finished looking at pics from our March trip, reliving the memories. Say hi to Ronnie and Beto for me. Toddy

  • On December 10th Betta Fish said:

    I love your site…

    Just linked to your site…

Next Generation

May 4th, 2011

I’m ready for next season Granddad.


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  • On May 4th Harry said:

    Arrr matey….you be lookin ready to join the crew headin for the deep blue.Be sure to bring along some of them wenches I be hearin your hangin with….Aarrrr

  • On May 13th Niki, Henry, Henry and ??? said:

    Where’s my swabbie buddies Henry and Oliver?

  • On June 7th Rona Rittner said:

    Aloha friends with Chris and Deb Bonaface, I live in Maui and would like to send you all some fab pics of our Wahine tourney my 1st place pac blue marlin #794.5 boated off Lanai HI 5-14-11 Mahalo Rona
    This is the lureCatch

  • On June 23rd Niki, Henry, Henry and ??? said:

    Happy late fathers day!

  • On June 29th Harry said:

    Hey Niko, check out the photo of Oliver’s new main Squeeze he sent me from his iPhone.
    He said he squirted her with his baby bottle, haha.

  • On July 1st Maya said:

    These Grandchildren are in trouble…

Winter Season 2011 Golfito CR

May 1st, 2011

19 billfishing days…..71 Pacific Sails,2 Striped Marlin,13 Blues and 7 Blacks released….. Sincere thanks to the eclectic group of hardcore sportsmen that made the journey…. The discovery of new Marlin grounds was key and I have new numbers for a Black Marlin Bank south of Isla Montuosa in Panama I can’t wait to hit. Agura reef off Isla Cebaco is still Virgin. The shear volume of Marlin raised(over 100) allowed for experimentation of new techniques such as spinning rigs spooled with Braid and fly rods for drop-backs, extreme light tackle stand up attempts on conventional, and maximum angler participation.(no pressure to catch that one, there’s another coming)Best day was 15 realistic shots.Additionally I have a productive book of deep drop,yellowfin, night fishing and we WILL get on the Swordfish, spots.And a special place in the heart for the abundant, aggressive Pacific Sails that keep Beto rocking. Will only be doing 4 day(local CR/Burica/79 mile bank) and 6/7 day trips to Hannibal Bank, Panama. Fuel costs are making this the only reasonable option.In and out day trips was another life.Besides why spend 6/8 hours on the grounds when you can fish 24…DUH>>>> Next up, time to chase Thunder Chickens and spring Stripers at home. Fishing the June 22/23/24 Costa Rican Presidential Billfish (IGFA qualifier) with Chris Davis and JW Bones. Pura Vida….

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  • On May 2nd tami nolt said:

    Great photos Harry & Inta…it’s so wonderful to be a part of the adventure!

  • On May 3rd Maya said:

    What an unbelievable year! Great slideshow. I look forward to the next season, and the next, and the next, and the next…

  • On May 4th Skip C said:

    What a great week in March onboard Thumper and I feel honored to have been part of the 79mi Bank Exploration Team. We look forward to the possibility of a return trip in 2012 and the oppty to get a shot at rooster fish. Good luck in your pursuit of Mr Long Beard…keep your clucks crisp and your purrs sweet. –SC